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Origami CAPA Management

CAPA Software – Manage CAPAs and Assess Their Effectiveness
all you that need for regulatory and quality audits

All you need to do is to define risk management and quality practices. Our advanced CAPA management software will do the rest. Based on failure type and defect information, the system will adjust the workflow pattern, thereby assigning high-risk problems to the concerned team.

Adopt a risk-based CAPA process

Quick problem-solving

CAPA software keeps everyone connected. With email notifications and personalized dashboards integrated onto the system, team members can mark their responses and suitable actions can be taken quickly. As we know that meeting deadlines is critical to achieving optimal performance, the Origami CAPA management software has escalation triggers and milestone dates set. When CAPA affects your suppliers and third-party vendors, you can easily communicate with them too as the Origami CAPA management software encompasses the complete value chain.

The complete CAPA workflow process beginning from creation to implementation and extending up to review is documented. The root cause of defects is traced to take immediate actions to resolve them.
Best-practices CAPA guidance for your team
CAPA effectiveness ensured
Results are good only if they can be monitored. The Origami CAPA management software generates effectiveness reviews ensuring desired results. If in any chance, the CAPA management software fails to put an end to a recurring problem, you may use the configurable failure mode monitoring feature.
Once an audit finding is recorded, it is followed upon according to the risk factor involved. High-risk findings proceed for further investigation and low-risk ones are monitored for subsequent occurrences. The audit management software brings about a systematic approach to the workflow, thereby simplifying the responses for multiple audits.
Showcase continuous improvement
Extend and integrate quality processes

Developed on the Origami Platform for Compliance, our CAPA management software is capable of tailoring, extending, and integrating processes with the growing demands of the organization. This is achieved through Origami’s configuration tools, platform services, and enterprise integration services. Also, Origami’s cloud-based deployment options and automated validation tools help to add new processes and get working on them on the go!
CAPA management software is integrated into Origami quality management software.

CAPA management software is integrated into Origami quality management software.

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