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Origami Change Management

Change Management Software – making changes compliant
Organizational practices are often driven by regulations put forward by authoritative agencies such as ISO, FDA, or EMEA. But in a constantly evolving environment, change is the only constant. The Origami Change Management software makes your organization flexible to implement changes quickly. It also helps in:
Changes happen all over the system. Our change management software helps to record all such changes in one place. Both temporary and permanent changes can be easily documented.
Managing numerous changes
Streamline change control processes
The Origami change management software has standardized workflows to stay on top of all the changes. Each change goes into an automated process of review, approval, and implementation. You may also use configurable workflows to define tasks for the changes accordingly.
The complete CAPA workflow process beginning from creation to implementation and extending up to review is documented. The root cause of defects is traced to take immediate actions to resolve them.
Best-practices CAPA guidance for your team
Maintain transparency and documentation
A change may affect many areas, which can be easily identified by Origami change management software. Plans are generated to define the actions for each change. Email alerts and dashboards are an added advantage to keep your team on their toes.
The Origami change management software generated periodical reports to share results and analyze the trends. The Origami QI, with its configurable reports and visualization, makes it suitable for the changes of today and tomorrow alike.
Enhanced visibility of change
Developed on the Origami Platform for Compliance, our change management software is capable of tailoring, extending, and integrating processes with the growing demands of the organization. This is achieved through Origami’s configuration tools, platform services, and enterprise integration services. Also, Origami’s cloud-based deployment options and automated validation tools help to add new processes and get working on them on the go! Change management software is integrated into Origami quality management software.
Extend and integrate quality processes
Change management software is integrated into Origami quality management software.

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