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Origami Document Management

Document Management Software – ensures secure and quick document access

The Origami document management system provides a centralized system to help you to create, make changes, approve, and provide training on documents. The noteworthy features are:

Apart from creating, approving, and changing documents and SOPs, the document management software also provides quick and secure access to any document.
Organize documents throughout their life cycle
Ensure compliance with regulatory bodies
All industries and the countries they serve are governed by a set of rules put forward by the regulatory bodies. The Origami document management software helps you to quickly create, organize, and report Medical Device Files or Pharmaceutical Master Files. The IQVIA Rim Smart is integrated with the repository packets generated by the document management software for electronic submissions in the desired formats through its industry-standard templates.
The personalized dashboards and email notifications provided via the Origami document management software ensure timely approvals and reviews. All review and approval related bottlenecks are eliminated and they move on to become compliant and secure.
Accelerate reviews
Efficient management of change
The change management feature of Origami document management software makes documents available in their best-updated form. The complete change process is streamlined with the help of request forms, collaboration tools, and approvals. Complete revision history is also maintained to analyze the changes a document has gone through over the course of its life cycle.
The Origami document management software ensures data availability at all times. It has features such as interactive dashboards, quality intelligence tools, and KPIs to identify changes in documents, assessment results and quicken the approval process.
Enhance document visibility
Enforce SOP training
The Origami SOP document management system ensures that document-related training is well conveyed. It has electronic signature features to ensure compliance. Notifications and quizzes regarding document training are also provided.
Developed on the Origami Platform for Compliance, our document management software is capable of tailoring, extending, and integrating processes with the growing demands of the organization. This is achieved through Origami’s configuration tools, platform services, and enterprise integration services. Also, Origami’s cloud-based deployment options and automated validation tools help to add new processes and get working on them on the go!Document management software is integrated into Origami quality management software.
Extend and integrate quality processes
Document management software is integrated into Origami quality management software.

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