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Pricing Plans

We strive to help you to achieve the system of your dreams. Our platform remains fully featured and unrestricted on all pricing tiers!

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FreeStarterOrigami Master
up to 5 users
/Month / User


Rows Per Entity100002000050000
Cloud Storage Per User100MB1000MB5GB
Maximum Entities102050
API Calls / Hour10010002000

Field Types

Text area
Single Select
Multiple Select
Address (Location integration, Map view
Telephone (text messages, click to call CRM)
Time Selection
Date Time Field
File Field
Hidden Field
Read Only Field
Icon Field
Instance relation (connect entities)
Number Range Field
Free Type Multi-Selection
HTML Editor
Hyperlink Field
User Relation Field
Meta Data
Color Picker
Formula Field (code)
Reference Field
Multi Instance Relation
Signature Field


Table View
Map View
Calendar View
Gantt View
Pivot Table View
Kanban View
Conditional Designs
Advanced Filters
Visual Editor


User Group Permissions
User Assignment Permissions
Conditional Field Display

Workflows - Triggers

Record and field triggers51020
Action button triggers21020
Cronological triggers15

Workflows - Actions

Send Emails11
Send Text Messages11
Update fields and records11
Create and convert records11
Authenticate user11
Contact external API11
Open a lightbox11
Bulk Update11
Send to archive11
Lock / Unlock fields / records11
Send Report11
Validate Values11
Delete Records11

Chat and Collaboration

1 On 1 Chat11
Group Chat11
Video Conferencing11
Screen Sharing11
Real time notifications11


Login Time Limit (Auto logout after X minutes inactivity)01
IP Login limitation01
User Groups Management11
User Group Leaders00
Password Reset Days Counter00
Multi Factor Authentication (Authentication App)01
replace password01
smtp for emails11
Audit Trail11
Advanced Trail Auditing Tools00
Audit Trail Save Time1 Week1 Month3 Months

General Features

Smart Search11
quick export11
import data11

Regulations (FDA)

Validated Version00
Validation Documents00
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Pricing plans are updated automatically as you add/remove users from your account. Changes shall be reflected on your account at the end of your current plan period. 

To choose right plan for your, business see our pricing plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, you can change your package as you need change, and either upgrade or downgrade it at any moment.

Of course, you can upgrade or downgrade your package at any time.

All changes to package types happen immidiatly. In case of an upgrade the difference between package costs are calculated relatively to the remaining time for the next billing cycle. Downgrades will be refunded whithing a 30 days period starting at the billed

When you add a user, we calculate the remaining time until the next billing cycle and charge for the relative percentage of one user in the relevant package, to the remaining period

Sure, we provide 100% refund regardless of usage and reason. Just let us know whithing 30 days and we will take care of it.

Definetly yes, we’d like to help you help others! Just contact us here.

We will be sad to see you leave, but if you love someone you have to let him go ūüôā In case of a cancellation, your account will remain active until your next billing cycle, and will not be renewed.

We work with most common credit cards and for bigger accounts also support bank transfers.

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