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Supplier Quality Management

Origami – Solutions for Supplier and Material Management
The Origami Supplier Quality Management ensures that your suppliers help you meet quality and compliance goals and give them timely feedback based on metrics. More features include:
Origami Supplier Quality Management Software looks into the suppliers and products supplied by them. Defects in the supply chain are thus reduced and compliance with regulatory rules ensured. It helps in cost and risk cutting to ensure optimal supplier quality.
Evaluation, selection, and management of suppliers
Inspection Management
The Origami Inspection Management enables automated inspection plans, thereby reducing the cost and time spent on incoming inspections. This also helps you to focus on the risk-prone suppliers and materials rather than the high-quality ones.
The Origami Supplier Quality Management software helps to solve supplier-related issues on the go and also aid in preventing their occurrence in the future. With personalized email alerts, you can collaborate with suppliers. This module is integrated with the nonconformance software and CAPA management software to give enhanced visibility of risk-levels and ensure a streamlined workflow.
Prevention and correction of supplier defects
Management of supplier quality audits
The highlight of the Origami Quality Management platform is the integration of different modules into a centralized system. The audit management software schedules supplier audits, documents the results, and does the necessary follow up. These audit findings are in turn integrated with the CAPA management software to manage defects and non-compliances in an organized manner.
The Origami Supplier Quality Management software monitors the performance, deviations, inspection results, and CAPAs for each supplier. It thereby rates the suppliers according to the site or material standards and shares the scorecard generated within your network consisting of the internal team and the suppliers. This gives a complete picture of how things stand and how each supplier measures up to standards.
Preparation and sharing of supplier scorecards
Extend and integrate quality processes

Developed on the Origami Platform for Compliance, our supplier quality management software is capable of tailoring, extending, and integrating processes with the growing demands of the organization. This is achieved through Origami’s configuration tools, platform services, and enterprise integration services. Also, Origami’s cloud-based deployment options and automated validation tools help to add new processes and get working on them on the go!

Supplier quality management software is integrated into Origami quality management software.

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